Our new purpose built state-of-the-art training center in Folkestone has been opened since June 2018 - please take a Virtual Tour around it and get an insiders view.

Whether your a keen Martial Artist, top level athlete or a true couch potato 7 Primal Krav Maga can provide you, your children or their grandparents with the building blocks to fuel the next exciting journey through life.

You can choose to make Krav Maga an exciting lifestyle change, a fun hobby, an evening course or a stress management tool. 7 Primal Krav Maga provides a relaxed, constructive learning and fitness environment that caters for all!

We provide a world class, premiere self-defence training system for both Adults and Kids. The 7 Primal Krav Maga system is based on natural human instincts and primal responses making it exceptionally effective for all levels of fitness and capability. Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art.

It is a revolutionary, modern self defence art which has created the most practical self defense system available. The training we provide will equip you with valuable self-defence skills, which develops the capability to manage stress and shock during a violent encounter. We will enhance your ability to protect loved ones and improve fitness in an exciting, fun team environment.

7 Primal Krav Maga will increase your confidence and develop life skills beyond where you thought your limits once were. Our venues is situated at junction 12 on the M20 making it an easy visit from Folkestone, Dover, Ashford, Canterbury, so we are easily accessible for people to join our club and start on their Krav Maga journey.

"Krav Maga is not just a self defence system it is a way of life, a truly powerful mindset that underpins you".
(Dan Evans Founder and Chief Instructor)

About 7 Primal Krav Maga

Based on simple principles, primal instinctive actions and movements, the Krav Maga self defence system is the most effective self defence system specific for modern day threats and situations on the street. Being simple to execute makes it very effective when exposed to high stress situations. Learn to defend against common situations, threats and attacks from shirt grabs to disarming weapon systems from active shooters.

At 7 Primal Krav Maga we use the very core of Krav Maga techniques developed in the 1940's. Our 7 Primal Krav Maga instructors have used their vast experience to adapt our system to ensure its robust suitability to deal with modern day threats, trends and the common place exposure to the increasingly popular mixed martial arts (MMA) systems.

7 Primal Krav Maga runs a grading system with internationally recognised, world renowned Krav Maga experts giving students the option to test their level whilst tracking their development over time.

Training Provisions:

  • Kids-Teens Krav Maga classes
  • Family Classes
  • Basic Krav Maga classes
  • Advanced Krav Maga classes
  • Personal training programs
  • Corporate events
  • Firearms courses
  • Seminars
  • Instructor courses and development programs.
  • BTEC Self defence course
  • BTEC Conflict management

7 Primal Krav Maga Training Videos

We offer a suite of video tutorials suitable for all levels - Practitioner Level to Expert. Here is a taster from the video set: