Kids Classes - Raising their expectations!

Being parents ourselves we are aware of how important it is to keep our children safe. We know that although it is of course our job to do this, ultimately, the best gift you can give your child is the ability, awareness and confidence to keep themselves as safe as possible and to deal with the many situations that our changing society is presenting us with.

At 7 Primal Krav Maga we equip your children with the additional skillset they need to grow up confident, disciplined, situationally aware, ready and able to defend themselves whenever necessary and at the proportionate level. 7 Primal Krav Maga is a family environment and we coach your children in a team of friendly, like minded Krav Maga practitioners.

We are dedicated to give every individual child the ability to protect themselves against many different challenges in life. Not only self defence, but also knowledge to change a negative situation into a positive one. Krav Maga is not just about combat its also about mind and body development through fun. We nurture focus and a positive attitude that would encourage your child to ensure a positive outcome and to never give up.

  • Free Kids Trial Class
  • Great fun, exercise and interaction !!
  • No obligations come and value your experience for your self with no string attached.
  • Join us at 7 Primal Krav Maga for an induction class. Learn some valuable self-defence tactics and techniques, benefit from specialised training in a child friendly environment, meet the team and club members with no ongoing commitments or obligations.
  • You wont look back!

For details about the FREE Kids Trial class please send an enquiry via our Enquiry Form.

"A child's mind is not a container to be filled, but rather a fire to be kindled"

"Behind every young child who believes in oneself is a parent who believed first"